Gravity Forms Review *POTW*

Gravity FormsWhat is Gravity Forms?

Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin to create a variety of contact forms. These forms allow blog readers to send a lot of feedback. This helps improve your blog and serve the needs of your reader’s better. Gravity Forms creates forms using a drag and drop interface.

Gravity Forms can create forms for: contact and support, guest post submission, user generated content, surveys, polling and orders.

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WordPress SEO by Yoast Review *POTW*

Wordpress SEO by YoastWhat is WordPress SEO?

WordPress SEO is a feature packed SEO plugin. You won’t find these features in many SEO plugins. It includes a snippet preview and a page analysis function (more on these later). These functions help to ensure your posts are optimized well for SEO.

You can easily optimize your post title, content, images and meta tag descriptions for Google with WordPress SEO. Your blog posts are then more relevant for a particular keyword. This means higher Google rankings and traffic.

Click here to download WordPress SEO by Yoast

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Reduce Your Bounce Rate Overnight! – Incredible

Did you know that Google Analytics doesn’t calculate time on site if your visitors hit the back button on your site without visiting any other pages?

This actually shocked me.   Google needs an event to properly calculate time on a page and if someone doesn’t click in, or off your site from a link, they calculate that visit as a BIG FAT 0:00!

What this plugin does is add an event to the footer or header of your wordpress site which let’s Google Analytics properly track your bounce rate.

My bounce rates have dropped from 60% to 10% and time on site has almost doubled on some of my sites within 1 day.

All because the reporting is now accurate.  So what does this mean?

It means not only should your bounce rate go down, your time on site go up.   But your rankings should improve as well.

This is whitehat.  When you see the code you’ll see it’s a simple event tracking code like you’d get from Google Analytics.

This plugin is available to all PluginBot members for free!

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ACME Feedback Plugin – Popup Visitor Surveys And More

Are you looking for a popup feedback plugin to survey your customers?

ACME Feedback allows you to ask up to 5 questions of your site visitors. Either via side browser tab or on exit, but unlike other feedback solutions ACME also lets you display a “widget” on the left side of the popup.

This means you can display Video, Banner Ads, Popular Posts, Optin Forms and literally any kind of WordPress widget.

Keep visitors on your site longer, increase your optins and site revenue with this unique plugin.

Wishlist Member – Membership Plugin

I can’t speak highly enough about Wishlist Member by Wishlist Products.

I’ve used it to manage over a dozen membership sites including and it works great.

I use it to manage monthly membership sites, Clickbank downloads, Paypal downloads, free product sites.

Even if you just want hide WordPress content from non-registered users it’s the perfect solution.

Wishlist works with any WordPress Theme and with a large community of users and an active development team… It’s constantly evolving and improving.

If you’ve been looking for a WordPress membership plugin, you really have to check out Wishlist.

wishlist plugin review