Hybrid Connect Email Marketing Plugin Review *POTW*

What is Hybrid Connect?Hybrid Connect
Hybrid Connect is a WordPress plugin that helps you get more email subscribers from your blog. It allows you to easily create a variety of opt-in forms, which you can place anywhere on your blog. Hybrid Connect also has a number of features you won’t find in many other email marketing plugins (which I’ll talk about later).

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Akismet Spam Filter Plugin Review *POTW*

What is Akismet?Akismet
Akismet is a service that filters spam automatically from blog comments. It works in a similar way to how an email program (like Outlook) filters spam. The Akismet web service checks for spam comments and puts these in the spam section in the plugin’s admin area. Here, you can approve, trash, or leave comments where they are.

Akismet is a sophisticated system that knows the tricks and techniques used by spammers from watching millions of blogs and forums. It knows all the tricks and can detect comments that
don’t look legitimate.

Click here to download Akismet

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WPsubscribers Email Marketing Plugin Review

What is the WPSubscribers plugin?WPSubscribers
If you want a WordPress plugin that increases email subscribers on your blog, WPSubscribers does a great job. It creates a variety of opt-in forms that you can place anywhere on your blog. It also has a number of other features (listed below) to help improve your email marketing and increase opt-ins.

Click here to download WPSubcribers

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PluginBot Review

Each time you create a new blog, you have to find and install all your favorite plugins. It’s a tedious task that takes time and effort… You have to search online for every single plugin, check it’s the right one, install, and activate it. And you have to do this for EVERY new blog you create. How frustrating!

Luckily, there is a plugin called PluginBot that makes the whole process a LOT easier.

Click here to download PluginBot

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