Keyword Insertion Plugin – Automated Keyword Targeted Affiliate Links

When this plugin came across our desk, we were really impressed with what it was capable of.

The Keyword Insertion Plugin does something REALLY cool.

Lets say you have a blog or website and someone Google’s something like “dreaming of rattlesnake while pregnant”, and while that’s a crazy example, this plugin would automatically hyperlink that keyword to the affiliate link of your choice.

Just imagine if it was a keyword that you were already trying to monetize, and by showing the user the exact search phrase they typed in to Google to find your page as a hyperlink and as an affiliate link at the same time, your link will get an extremely high amount of clickthroughs…

Plus Locker Content Revealer

With Google moving to an ever increasing social platform, it has become incredibly more important for you to include Google’s infamous +1 button on your website.

Only problem is, most people are more likely to click the Tweet button or Facebook button when visiting your blogs because let’s face it, people just love to use those services more.

But what if there was a way to reward people with special, hidden content that is only accessible to them if they hit the +1 button on your site.

Then magically, this new, cool, and fresh content is revealed to them, all because they hit the +1 button a single time. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Well good news, that’s exactly what the new WordPress plugin Plus Locker does…

WordPress Manual Plugin – Video Tutorials For Clients

Have you even been working with a client, developing a WordPress site for them only to finish you work and find yourself creating hours upon hours of video tutorials for your clients to show them how to use the platform you created for them?

The guys at have created the largest, most comprehensive database of WordPress tutorials that you can flat out GIVE to your clients after you finish building their site for them.

It will walk them through virtually every element of using their new WordPress blog, without having to hassle with a darn thing.   All you do is install the plugin on their sites and they can watch without having to contact you with questions.

Ninja Affiliate – Convert Keywords Into Affiliate Links In Seconds

Have you been wishing you could make more affiliate commissions from blogging?

Have you ever wondered if you’ve been leaving hundreds of even thousands of dollars in commissions on the table?

Well, the truth is, you most likely have. Let me explain.

For all the times you mentioned keywords in your blog like Hosting, Domain Name, Keyword Research, WordPress, List Building and many many others.

How would you like to be able to automatically link all of those keywords to the affiliate product of your choice, throughout your entire blog, at the push of a button?

Sound pretty cool?

Well that’s because it is!

And that is exactly what the Max Blog Press Ninja Affiliate Plugin will do for you. If you’re a WordPress blogger, this is a must have plugin for you.

Popup Domination – Increase Subscribers By 429% Over Night.

If you’re looking for a wordpress exit popup plugin then you should check out Popup Domination.

Have you ever wondered how these Internet Marketing Gurus build such massive email lists in what seems like an incredibly short amount of time?

Well it’s mostly because they know how to generate leads, but more importantly, they know the perfect time and place to get them.

That’s where Popup Domination comes in, but before we talk more about that, let me share a tip with you about Popups for list building on your website, and especially your blog.

The best way to maximize your opt ins is to figure out your Average Time On Site with something like Google Analytics, then set your popup to come up a few seconds after that.

This way, new visitors will see it for the first time, and returning visitors won’t get annoyed.

This is precisely what Popup Domination allows you to do.  It will help you optimize your list building.