WP Subscribers – List Building Plugin

Did you know that most subscribers that join your email list will actually come through a variety of different places on your blog?

Like footer ads, slide in ads, popup ads, sidebar ads.

Sure there are some places that get more opt ins than others, but if you are not capturing leads at every nook and cranny of your website or blog, then you are essentially leaving hundreds or even thousands of leads just laying around for someone else to grab.

And that means there is a lot of money you missed out on as well.

By giving your visitors the opportunity to opt in in multiple different places on your blog, you will maximize your lead flow and your revenue.

This is exactly what WP Subscribers will allow you to do.

CB Press – Import The Entire Clickbank Marketplace

What if you could import the entire Clickbank marketplace? And what if you could then sort all those products by category, product, commission, gravity and rank, then display them on your blog or website with your affiliate link embed and encrypted within each of them.

This is exactly what the CB Press plugin allows you to do.

Now imagine that you have a review blog on a certain topic, like pets, computers, green energy, or what it is that you blog about. Well now you can simply import all the top converting products into your blog at the click of a button and embed your affiliate link within each new listing. And by the way, this plugin will do all the titles and product reviews for you, so you don’t have to. But also gives you the ability to customize them if you want.

Keyword Winner – SEO Stats At Your Fingertips

How would you like to get all the keyword research data you need in less than one minute and then directly apply that data to rank high in Google in as little as 3 hours?

Well, good news, you can!

This new tool called Keyword Winner, will do exactly that for you.

Plus on top of all that, you will be able to analyze virtually every element of your On Page SEO to make sure that you have everything optimized as well as you possibly can.

Heck, this software will even suggest keyword rich blog post titles and permalinks for you, automatically.

Fast Attack Interlink – Build Links Between Your Sites The Right Way

Fast Attack InterlinkIts common knowledge that internal linking between your websites content is a great way to increase SEO rankings, however the problem is doing this manually can take hours upon hours of tedious boring work. And chances are, if you did it that way, you’d make a ton of mistakes and miss some important interlinking opportunities.

Now that problem has been solved with Fast Attack Interlink. This WordPress Plugin automatically creates internal links for you, intelligently, and in the process helps to increase your SEO Rankings, improve sales conversions and cut out unnecessary manual or paid labor immediately.

The Fast Attack Interlink WordPress Plugin creates an instant network of keyword-related posts by seeking out keywords on your posts an internally linking them to relevant content and recommended reading, all without you lifting a finger to get it done.


WP Legal Pages – Create Legal Pages On The Fly

Have you ever spent countless hours scouring the web, trying to find just the right legal pages for your site?

You know the ones I’m talking about… Terms of Service, Disclaimers, Earning Disclaimers, Privacy Policies, and all that other stuff.

Why waste your time trying to write these yourself, much less trying to edit the HTML or PHP on your website to include them yourself. That can be extremely tedious, annoying and just flat our boring.

But we all know we need them. Without legal pages, Google won’t let you advertise, Clickbank will not let you list your products, Facebook will suspend your canvas apps, and most importantly your visitors trust in you will dwindle.

With WP Legal Pages, everything is already built for you. Simply just install the plugin and select the types of pages you want, and your done! Its literally that simple to set these up in just a few minutes.