Social Toolbar Pro – Everything In One Easy Toolbar

Often times it can be a huge hassle to get all the right social media sharing icons and button in once place on your blog, not to mention getting the colors to actually match up with your blog and blend in well.

This power packed plugin boasts 75 different social media sites all integrated into one social media plugin, and best of all, it lets you chose which ones best fit your site. Display them all, or only your favorites.

There are really a ton of other features available too, like the ability to display a recent tweet, custom social icon uploads, and much much more.

CB Press – Import The Entire Clickbank Marketplace

What if you could import the entire Clickbank marketplace? And what if you could then sort all those products by category, product, commission, gravity and rank, then display them on your blog or website with your affiliate link embed and encrypted within each of them.

This is exactly what the CB Press plugin allows you to do.

Now imagine that you have a review blog on a certain topic, like pets, computers, green energy, or what it is that you blog about. Well now you can simply import all the top converting products into your blog at the click of a button and embed your affiliate link within each new listing. And by the way, this plugin will do all the titles and product reviews for you, so you don’t have to. But also gives you the ability to customize them if you want.

WP Legal Pages – Create Legal Pages On The Fly

Have you ever spent countless hours scouring the web, trying to find just the right legal pages for your site?

You know the ones I’m talking about… Terms of Service, Disclaimers, Earning Disclaimers, Privacy Policies, and all that other stuff.

Why waste your time trying to write these yourself, much less trying to edit the HTML or PHP on your website to include them yourself. That can be extremely tedious, annoying and just flat our boring.

But we all know we need them. Without legal pages, Google won’t let you advertise, Clickbank will not let you list your products, Facebook will suspend your canvas apps, and most importantly your visitors trust in you will dwindle.

With WP Legal Pages, everything is already built for you. Simply just install the plugin and select the types of pages you want, and your done! Its literally that simple to set these up in just a few minutes.

WP Robot – Powerful Autoblogging WordPress Plugin

wp robot pluginWP Robot is one of the most robust and diverse autoblogging plugins in existence today. Automatically post Youtube Videos, Amazon Products, eBay auctions, Clickbank ads and much more to your blog without lifting a finger. Now you can create highly targeted blogs posts on whatever topic you want, completely automatically.

This plugin will help you earn more money with strategically places affiliate links, get more visitors to your site by targeting highly trafficked SEO keywords, and save you huge amounts of time by setting this stuff up once, and letting it run on complete autopilot.

Truly a set and forget option that can help you leverage yourself and get more done with less effort.

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