Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How Do I Specify Zip Package Paths Manually?

If you have Premium plugins that  aren’t in the WordPress repository, PluginBot will let you enter in the download link to those plugins and save it in a field for automatic install.  The download path is the actual location of the file online.   Local file installs (uploaded directly from your computer) are currently not supported.

Ex: http://pluginbot.com/plugin.zip (not real)

In most cases Premium plugins are protected by activation codes  or licenses.  So you’ll need to re-enter your license or activation code to utilize the plugins, however the download path is usually provided by the plugin vendor. So here are some options.

1. Use the download path from the Plugin vendor (if they change path in future you might be out of luck)
2. Upload plugins to one primary WP blog using the media tab, and then copy the zip file path. (works great)
3. Upload your premium plugins to a secure folder (make sure folder has no-index, no-follow index.html file) on your domain, Dropbox, Amazon S3 account, or Google Drive. Basically any online backup service that lets you link directly to a file..   Then use those zip paths as the location of the files. (best solution)

If you choose option 3 you’ll always have a backup of all your premium plugins no matter what computer your own, what happens to the plugin developer, or what happens to PluginBot.