Hybrid Connect Email Marketing Plugin Review *POTW*

What is Hybrid Connect?Hybrid Connect
Hybrid Connect is a WordPress plugin that helps you get more email subscribers from your blog. It allows you to easily create a variety of opt-in forms, which you can place anywhere on your blog. Hybrid Connect also has a number of features you won’t find in many other email marketing plugins (which I’ll talk about later).

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Here’s a list of main features:Premium Plugin of the Week

In-content opt-in forms: Add opt-in forms anywhere in your blog posts.

Sidebar opt-in forms: Add opt-in forms to the sidebar or widget area.

Lightbox/Pop-up forms: Grab your visitor’s attention with these un-blockable forms.

Slide-in opt-in forms: These can slide in from the top, bottom, or side of a post or page.

Squeeze pages: Easy-to-create high-converting squeeze pages.

Video opt-in forms: Easily embed videos in your content, sidebar, lightbox, and slide-in opt-in forms.

Ultimate form builder: This makes creating opt-in forms very easy, quick, and user friendly.

Over 30 stylish templates: So you can choose a style that works best for your blog.

Comment list building: An option for your users to easily opt-in when they leave a comment.

Facebook Connect: This makes it much easier for Facebook users (those that are logged in) to opt-in.

Facebook Hybrid: The option to show your non-Facebook users an opt-in form instead of

Facebook Connect.

Opt-in form on Facebook: Add an opt-in form to a custom tab of your Facebook fan page to get opt-ins from social traffic.

Autoresponders: Compatible with all major autoresponder services that use HTML forms.

Compatible with all major internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and their mobile versions.

Display forms on ANY part of your blog: By category or individual pages.

Split tester: You can test multiple forms to find the best performing ones. And, Hybrid Connect will automatically eliminate the poor performers for you!

Traffic tracker: Find the traffic sources where your most valuable subscribers come from.

Advanced custom tracking: With a simple tracking parameter, you can track performance from all your traffic sources.

GoTo Webinar Intergration: Sign-up your visitors from a GoTo Webinar and to any mailing list at the same time.

Full support: With easy-to-use features, in-built help, and a dedicated helpdesk, you can’t go wrong.


What makes Hybrid Connect different from other email marketing plugins?

The GoTo Webinar integration, Facebook Connect, and Facebook Hybrid options help you easily get subscribers from these platforms with Hybrid Connect.

The Hybrid Connect split tester is also a handy feature, which will save you time by automatically testing and eliminating forms that don’t get many opt-ins, so you don’t have to!

Comment list building is also useful to get more subscribers from more places.


In Summary

Hybrid Connect can do everything that other email marketing plugins can do, and more.

You can create ANY type of opt-in form you want, and customize it any way you need to, and place these forms anywhere on your blog.

Creating forms is effortless, with user-friendly interfaces, and in-built help.

Hybrid Connect makes it possible to get as many opt-ins as you can, from as many places on your blog as you can.

All these features mean you to get more email subscribers, with less effort.

Click here to download Hybrid Connect

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  1. Shane Says...

    Thank you very much for the award!

    It’s really awesome to get this kind of recognition and it shows us that all the hard work we’ve put into the plugin (and continue putting into it) is worth it.

    We’ve got more plugins in the works and we will strive to make them worthy of repeat POTWs. :)



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