PluginBot Review

Each time you create a new blog, you have to find and install all your favorite plugins. It’s a tedious task that takes time and effort… You have to search online for every single plugin, check it’s the right one, install, and activate it. And you have to do this for EVERY new blog you create. How frustrating!

Luckily, there is a plugin called PluginBot that makes the whole process a LOT easier.

Click here to download PluginBot

What is PluginBot?
It is a WordPress plugin that organizes and keeps a record of all the plugins you’ve installed on your blog. So you can pick and choose the plugins you wish to retrieve and install on a every new blog you create. You can install all your favorite plugins with just 1 click. This saves a lot of time, effort and frustration.

How do you get access? Just create your free user account, this is where PluginBot stores all your plugins. In the members area, you will see a master list of all the plugins installed on all of your blogs, and a list of all the plugins you’ve installed on the new blog you are currently working on.

This list can also be added to the master list. And you can view plugins installed on every domain you own which is a great feature.

How does PluginBot work?
To install your favorite plugins, check the box next to each plugin, click “install”, and that’s it! You even have the option to automatically activate each plugin after the install if you choose. And you can clean up your master list if you need to. To do this, just select the plugins you want to remove and click “update list”. The PluginBot interface is really easy to work with and not over-complicated at all.

PluginBot is completely free. However, if you need more plugins, click the option “add premium” in the plugins menu, here, you will find a database of our recommended premium and commercial plugins.

In Summary
PluginBot saves time, effort and frustration. It is an essential plugin for all blog owners. This plugin allows you to find, install, and activate your plugins with just a click of a button. It cannot be any simpler!

It also conveniently organizes your favorite plugins so you can quickly find them.

PluginBot is unique because I haven’t found another WordPress plugin that does what it can.

Click here to download PluginBot

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