Reduce Your Bounce Rate Overnight! – Incredible

Did you know that Google Analytics doesn’t calculate time on site if your visitors hit the back button on your site without visiting any other pages?

This actually shocked me.   Google needs an event to properly calculate time on a page and if someone doesn’t click in, or off your site from a link, they calculate that visit as a BIG FAT 0:00!

What this plugin does is add an event to the footer or header of your wordpress site which let’s Google Analytics properly track your bounce rate.

My bounce rates have dropped from 60% to 10% and time on site has almost doubled on some of my sites within 1 day.

All because the reporting is now accurate.  So what does this mean?

It means not only should your bounce rate go down, your time on site go up.   But your rankings should improve as well.

This is whitehat.  When you see the code you’ll see it’s a simple event tracking code like you’d get from Google Analytics.

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