Popup Domination – Increase Subscribers By 429% Over Night.

If you’re looking for a wordpress exit popup plugin then you should check out Popup Domination.

Have you ever wondered how these Internet Marketing Gurus build such massive email lists in what seems like an incredibly short amount of time?

Well it’s mostly because they know how to generate leads, but more importantly, they know the perfect time and place to get them.

That’s where Popup Domination comes in, but before we talk more about that, let me share a tip with you about Popups for list building on your website, and especially your blog.

The best way to maximize your opt ins is to figure out your Average Time On Site with something like Google Analytics, then set your popup to come up a few seconds after that.

This way, new visitors will see it for the first time, and returning visitors won’t get annoyed.

This is precisely what Popup Domination allows you to do.  It will help you optimize your list building.