Keyword Insertion Plugin – Automated Keyword Targeted Affiliate Links

When this plugin came across our desk, we were really impressed with what it was capable of.

The Keyword Insertion Plugin does something REALLY cool.

Lets say you have a blog or website and someone Google’s something like “dreaming of rattlesnake while pregnant”, and while that’s a crazy example, this plugin would automatically hyperlink that keyword to the affiliate link of your choice.

Just imagine if it was a keyword that you were already trying to monetize, and by showing the user the exact search phrase they typed in to Google to find your page as a hyperlink and as an affiliate link at the same time, your link will get an extremely high amount of clickthroughs…

Fast Attack Interlink – Build Links Between Your Sites The Right Way

Fast Attack InterlinkIts common knowledge that internal linking between your websites content is a great way to increase SEO rankings, however the problem is doing this manually can take hours upon hours of tedious boring work. And chances are, if you did it that way, you’d make a ton of mistakes and miss some important interlinking opportunities.

Now that problem has been solved with Fast Attack Interlink. This WordPress Plugin automatically creates internal links for you, intelligently, and in the process helps to increase your SEO Rankings, improve sales conversions and cut out unnecessary manual or paid labor immediately.

The Fast Attack Interlink WordPress Plugin creates an instant network of keyword-related posts by seeking out keywords on your posts an internally linking them to relevant content and recommended reading, all without you lifting a finger to get it done.


Rank Tracker – Stop Chasing Keywords

google ranking pluginWhy chase keywords that might not even be giving you the results you want?

How cool would it be if you could know EXACTLY which keywords are driving highly targeted traffic to your site? Pretty sweet right?!

Well thats exactly what the Rank Tracker Plugin does for your WordPress blog.

Not only does it notify you via email when your Google Ranking changes, but it shows you exactly which page is ranking, where its ranking in Google and how much traffic that specific ranking is driving to your site.

And by knowing this data, you can simply focus on building more links and optimizing those particular pages on your site to their maximum potential.

In our opinion, Rank Tracker is a must have tool for every WordPress blog you have.

(We apologize if link isn’t working.. the product may no longer be available)

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