Social Toolbar Pro – Everything In One Easy Toolbar

Often times it can be a huge hassle to get all the right social media sharing icons and button in once place on your blog, not to mention getting the colors to actually match up with your blog and blend in well.

This power packed plugin boasts 75 different social media sites all integrated into one social media plugin, and best of all, it lets you chose which ones best fit your site. Display them all, or only your favorites.

There are really a ton of other features available too, like the ability to display a recent tweet, custom social icon uploads, and much much more.

Plus Locker Content Revealer

With Google moving to an ever increasing social platform, it has become incredibly more important for you to include Google’s infamous +1 button on your website.

Only problem is, most people are more likely to click the Tweet button or Facebook button when visiting your blogs because let’s face it, people just love to use those services more.

But what if there was a way to reward people with special, hidden content that is only accessible to them if they hit the +1 button on your site.

Then magically, this new, cool, and fresh content is revealed to them, all because they hit the +1 button a single time. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Well good news, that’s exactly what the new WordPress plugin Plus Locker does…