Ninja Affiliate – Convert Keywords Into Affiliate Links In Seconds

Have you been wishing you could make more affiliate commissions from blogging?

Have you ever wondered if you’ve been leaving hundreds of even thousands of dollars in commissions on the table?

Well, the truth is, you most likely have. Let me explain.

For all the times you mentioned keywords in your blog like Hosting, Domain Name, Keyword Research, WordPress, List Building and many many others.

How would you like to be able to automatically link all of those keywords to the affiliate product of your choice, throughout your entire blog, at the push of a button?

Sound pretty cool?

Well that’s because it is!

And that is exactly what the Max Blog Press Ninja Affiliate Plugin will do for you. If you’re a WordPress blogger, this is a must have plugin for you.

WP Subscribers – List Building Plugin

Did you know that most subscribers that join your email list will actually come through a variety of different places on your blog?

Like footer ads, slide in ads, popup ads, sidebar ads.

Sure there are some places that get more opt ins than others, but if you are not capturing leads at every nook and cranny of your website or blog, then you are essentially leaving hundreds or even thousands of leads just laying around for someone else to grab.

And that means there is a lot of money you missed out on as well.

By giving your visitors the opportunity to opt in in multiple different places on your blog, you will maximize your lead flow and your revenue.

This is exactly what WP Subscribers will allow you to do.

WP Legal Pages – Create Legal Pages On The Fly

Have you ever spent countless hours scouring the web, trying to find just the right legal pages for your site?

You know the ones I’m talking about… Terms of Service, Disclaimers, Earning Disclaimers, Privacy Policies, and all that other stuff.

Why waste your time trying to write these yourself, much less trying to edit the HTML or PHP on your website to include them yourself. That can be extremely tedious, annoying and just flat our boring.

But we all know we need them. Without legal pages, Google won’t let you advertise, Clickbank will not let you list your products, Facebook will suspend your canvas apps, and most importantly your visitors trust in you will dwindle.

With WP Legal Pages, everything is already built for you. Simply just install the plugin and select the types of pages you want, and your done! Its literally that simple to set these up in just a few minutes.