WPsubscribers Email Marketing Plugin Review

What is the WPSubscribers plugin?WPSubscribers
If you want a WordPress plugin that increases email subscribers on your blog, WPSubscribers does a great job. It creates a variety of opt-in forms that you can place anywhere on your blog. It also has a number of other features (listed below) to help improve your email marketing and increase opt-ins.

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Why should you get email subscribers from your blog?
When you think about it… most people will leave your blog without taking any action. But, if you get their name and email address, you can email them as many times as you want for free. This means you have more opportunities to engage with your readers, and make money if that’s your goal.

Here are the main features for the WPSubscribers plugin…

Unlimited subscriber forms and options
With the WPSubscribers plugin, you can create opt-in forms and place them anywhere on your blog… In the header, footer, sidebar, anywhere in blog posts and pages.

You can create pop-ups, exit pops and custom forms. And choose how often you want to display each one. You can also configure a pop-up to show for new visitors only.

A neat feature is that all forms can include any content and design, so you can display your own videos, images and ads. This helps to target your readers with content that is more appealing to them.

All the above features and options help increase opt-ins to your mailing list.

Easy lightbox form builder interface
With the WPSubscribers plugin, you can build pop-up (lightbox) forms in just 1 minute with the user friendly interface. And choose from 11 unique designs and 8 colors.

Specify opt-in options to access blog content
The WPSubscribers plugin gives you the option to request an opt-in to register for the blog and to view hidden content.

Full email marketing analytics
Here you can see how many times each form was displayed and the number of opt-ins it received. This means you can split test different forms and options to determine what works best.

Facebook integration
The WPSubscribers plugin can add a Facebook “connect” button anywhere on your blog. So when a visitor connects, they are also added to your mailing list.

Works with any email marketing service
These include Aweber, GetResponse, iContact, Mailchimp, Prosender, Emailaces, Turbo Autoresponders, Google FeedBurner. You can also use your own email service.

Compatible with all major web browsers
The WPSubscribers plugin will work fine with Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome. Which means your readers will see opt-in forms as they are supposed to.

Email subscriber referrals
The WPSubscribers plugin offers incentives for your subscribers to encourage others to sign up too. So your email subscribers build your list virally.


In Summary
With the WPSubscribers plugin, you can place opt-in forms in many places on your blog and set the number of times you want each opt-in form to show.

To appeal to different people, content on each form can be unique. You can also tailor forms with the unique designs on offer to match different sections of your blog.

All the above features help increase opt-ins from your blog.

Click here to download WPSubcribers

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